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  • Product name:Double skew grinding machine
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High-grade double incline-style head grinding machine is improved in the original double head basis of it. And at the same time adopts grinding head pressure control and intelligent CNC technology developed a new generation full automatic CNC machine. And in the design that it is full consideration to the user operating habit and efficiency, and more importantly,operating is very convenient and simply.

The double incline-style head grinding machine adopts PLC control, touch screen operating and concise intelligent user interface, and the it will mature production technology indit into the program, and make the operating more easy and convenient,finally,can fully automatic coarse fine grinding process.when loaded cylinder at first, after imput parameters,

The head fram and tailstock are moved in the meantime, and automatically workpiece clamping and loosening. 

The lubrication adopts automatic refueling system, and can be refuel at fixed period 

The waterproof system adopts stainless steel material, at the same time durability and beautiful and easy.

The high-grade grinding machine added pressure regulating system, can be visually react on the presure gauge when the machine worked on the grindstone that ensure pressure each release when grinding, to improve the accuracy, also to improve effects of cyliner roller.

The grinder adopts new design structure. and so solve the old mill spline shaft parts wearing problem and maintenance.

Strengthen the heavy-welding main frame, to ensure the overall strength of equipment, so improve the shock of the machine.

The tailstock spindle added to dead core structure that increasing service life. 

The grinding head can move at the up and down that change to servo motor, and improving accuracy.

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